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 (Ge) [jer-ma´ne-um]
a chemical element, atomic number 32, atomic weight 72.59. (See Appendix 6.)

ger·ma·ni·um (Ge),

A metallic element, atomic no. 32, atomic wt. 72.61.
[L. Germania, Germany]


/ger·ma·ni·um/ (Ge) (jer-ma´ne-um) a chemical element, at. no. 32.

germanium (Ge)

Etymology: Germany
a metallic element with some nonmetallic semiconductor properties. Its atomic number is 32; its atomic mass is 72.61.


Fringe nutrition
A metallic element used in high-tech industries and believed in the 1920s to be an essential trace element. There is no known metabolic role for germanium in the body, and in large quantities it is toxic to the kidneys. Lack of supporting scientific data notwithstanding, purveyors of alternative health therapies have promoted germanium as a therapy for AIDS, allergies, anaemia, arthritis, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, diseases of the heart, liver and nervous system, headaches, infections, sexual dysfunction and other conditions; it is claimed to reduce birth defects and lower cholesterol levels.


A metallic element; atomic no. 32, atomic wt. 72.61.
[L. Germania, Germany]

germanium (Ge) (jərmā´nēəm),

n a metallic element with some nonmetallic properties. Its atomic number is 32 and its atomic weight is 72.59.


a chemical element, atomic number 32, atomic weight 72.59, symbol Ge. See Table 6.
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My book on germanium and cancer shows an example of a case where, in 1988, an 11-year-old boy with a desperate brain tumor condition and a prognosis of six months or little more to live came into my clinic with his father.
Concerning germanium, we can clearly not go to much larger sizes due to the size limitations of all-electron calculations and to the limitation of the ECP accuracy for such type of calculations.
Lot 2 (High Purity Germanium detector system with good resolution over a broad energy range and 40% nominal relative efficiency) Guarantee (5% of the original amount of the parcel (excluding VAT), rounded to the next ten.
Before the detection of the unobserved decay can begin, however, the germanium must first be processed, refined and enriched.
The crystals were formed using chemical vapor deposition to deposit germanium inside the fiber.
While studying an alloy of tellurium, arsenic, silicon, and germanium, he noted that pulses of electricity caused reversible changes in the alloy's phase and electrical properties.
IBM continues to push Silicon Germanium technology to new levels," said David Rowe, co-founder and chief technology officer for Sierra Monolithics.
The report represents a thorough study of Germanium, covering both global and regional markets.
Washington, April 14 ( ANI ): Chemists at The Ohio State University have developed a technology for making a one-atom-thick sheet of germanium, and found that it conducts electrons more than ten times faster than silicon and five times faster than conventional germanium.
The topics include electronic band structures of SiGe alloys, SiGe crystal growth using molecular beam epitaxy, the strain engineering of SiGe virtual substrates, self-diffusion and dopant diffusion in germanium and silicon-germanium alloys, transport properties of SiGe nanostructures and applications in devices, silicide and germanide technology for interconnections in ultra-large-scale integrated applications, and the spintronics of nanostructured manganese germanium dilute magnetic semiconductors.
This book, the first of three planned volumes, addresses advanced CMOS, silicon on insulator (SOI), silicon germanium (SiGe) and silicon germanium carbon.