geopathic stress

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geopathic stress,

n negative health affects on the body caused by geoelectromagnetic frequencies.
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In all my experience I have never measured such wide zones of geopathic stress caused by faults.
But he did find some geopathic stress in the visitors' dug-out.
One feng shui practitioner found two lines of geopathic stress in a person's bedroom, one relating to where his throat was, when he lay in bed, and another to his ankles.
Usually, the geopathically most stressed region agrees with the respective clinical picture and its maximal region - for instance, in the case of lower back pain it takes the form of segmental geopathic stress in the pelvic region.
To reliably detect a geopathic stress zone, certain test ampoules (Geovita) have proven helpful.
For example, ineffective eliminatory pathways impose disturbance on controlling the PNEI system, where additional nutritional deficiencies, microtoxicities, geopathic stress, manmade electromagnetic-magnetic pollution, or allergies only enhance the entropy and further aggravate a vicious circle of PNEI dysregulation.
A practical hands-on course, where you will learn to use muscle testing to diagnose food allergies, geopathic stress, biophysical stress and interference fields.
The Harmonizer products are based on a new method of solving problems associated with radiation exposure from mobile phones, computers, TVs, wireless technology, electrosmog, geopathic stress, and external sources like mobile antenna towers.