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Antimicrobial drug resistance and reduced susceptibility in gonococcal isolates by drug, Gonococcal Isolate Surveillance Project, United States, 2005-2013 * Results ([dagger]) Cefixime Ceftriaxone 2005 Geometric mean MIC 0.
Table 3 presents geometric means of bAs, and the percent change in bAs from week 12 to a follow-up time, along with 95% CIs, in the second phase of the study.
Basic descriptive statistics were performed to determine the percentage of waters that 1) exhibited noncompliance on at least one occasion each year, and 2) were highly noncompliant (greater than or equal to 25% of a water's daily geometric means exceeded the Ontario standard in a season; a cutoff chosen based on our experience with the available data).
In contrast, both the arithmetic and geometric means are undefined in this situation.
K]I, Multi-variable weighted geometric means of positive definite matrices, Linear Algebra Appl.
The power exponential mean and Contra Harmonic mean are deduced directly from weighted Arithmetic and Geometric Mean, as follows.
Qi, Inequalities and monotonicity of the ratio for the geometric means of a positive arithmetic sequence with unit differnce, Internat.
For the one-year period during which samples were collected, the geometric means for the concentrations of enterococci in water from all stations were above 33 cfu/100 ml (Table I), which corresponds to an illness rate of 8 per 1,000 swimmers (7, 9).
9 [micro]g/g dw) (Elkin and Bethke 1995) and moose from northwestern Minnesota (liver geometric means = 7.

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