geometric isomer

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ge·o·met·ric i·som·er·ism

a form of isomerism displayed by unsaturated or ring compounds where free rotation around a bond (usually a carbon-carbon bond) is restricted, for example, the isomerism of a cis- or trans- compound as in oleic acid and elaidic acid. Compare: cis-, entgegen, trans-, zusammen.

geometric isomer

A chemical compound having the same molecular formula as another but a different geometric configuration, as when atoms or groups of atoms are attached in different spatial arrangements on either side of a bond or a ring.
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Field trapping of the invasive brown marmorated stink bug, Halyomorpha halys, with geometric isomers of methyl 2,4,6-decatrienoate.
When we initiated this process, ISA247 was approximately an equivalent mixture of two geometric isomers (called, trans and cis), where just one of the isomers (trans) carried most of the desired activity of immunosuppression.

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