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With investments in digital advertising growing at 30 percent per year, especially in India, GenY Medium is slated to further strengthen its position by capitalizing on this growth.
When Rockwell Land was introduced to the media in 1995, asked what guarantee he could give that Rockwell would be a good, safe environment, Geny Lopez replied in a heartbeat, 'I and my family will live there.
An employee at the Geny Agency said Miller is retired but promised to send him a message to give us a call.
Prosodie provides an outsourced hosting and application service for GENY infos, protected by extensive security infrastructure including two-factor authentication, firewalls, encryption, IDS and IPS systems.
Acompanhado por Geny, sai a procura de outros sobreviventes.
Geny Infos, which publishes horseracing information for punters under the Geny Courses brand, is a joint venture between the PMU and Serendipity Investment.
Geny Lopez also successfully steered his family's old world fortunes into new industries: electricity, water, telephony and media.
Largest independent security intelligence provider helps GENY infos meet regulatory compliance through high-value cloud services
For this, Aparna Constructions joined hands with Hyderabad's leading digital marketing firm, GenY Medium.
I wonder why media does not go all-out campaigning against Bongbong, considering that Geny Lopez was in jail for the longest time.
The vehicle is available in Pearl Amazing White and Dual Tone Red and Black and will continue to be available with existing colour options of Black, Geny Grey Metallic and Rebel Red Metallic.
There was no announcement inside the train," said Keath and Geny, an elderly couple from the UK, who were going to Jaipur.