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Relating to the genotype.
Synonym(s): genotypic


emanating from or pertaining to genotype.

genotypic selection
selection of breeding stock on the basis of known inherited characteristics.
genotypic value
value of the effect of all the individual's genes which affect the trait in question.
genotypic variance
the measure of the differences in genotype between individuals, i.e. the differences between individuals in factors which are determined the moment they are conceived.
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A similar result to the phenotypic was found for the genotypic correlation, expressing a certain inconsistency in the estimates from one year to the other.
In general, estimates of phenotypic coefficient of variability (PCV) were higher than those due to genotypic coefficient of variability for all characters (Table 1).
The oldest genotypic tropism assay interrogates the coding region of the gp 160 HIV-1 envelope protein and is 100% sensitive at detecting 0.
y is the vector of phenotypic data; r is the vector of repetition effects within the environments (fixed); g is the vector of genotypic effects (random), where g ~ N(0, G) being G = [A[sigma].
Lack of monoclonality by genotypic analysis has generally accurately predicted which cases will respond to reduced immunosuppression.
In our experiments the genotypic criterion showed to be more adjusted to the expectancies, for any crowding factor, than the other two criteria
We conclude that the MST genotypes in Japan are mainly grouped into cluster 1 and that the genotypic distribution of human strains coincides with that of cat strains.
inbred groups, cultural and genetic isolates); sub-populations such as the oldest-old; studies that utilize the extensive genome databases and genetic analyses resources that are becoming available; and animal model studies using cross-fostering, selective breeding, inbred strains, recombinant inbred strains or specific genotypic manipulations (e.
announced a new testing service that combines phenotypic and genotypic resistance testing on a single report.
Late last year, the US Food and Drug Administration lowered the regulatory hurdle for kit-based genotypic tests, making it easier for them to get approved.
Virco's genotypic test for HIV drug resistance, VircoGEN TI, detects all known HIV resistance mutations in the reverse transcriptase and protease regions of the HIV code.