genomic DNA

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ge·nom·ic DNA

DNA that contains both introns and exons.

genomic DNA

The full complement of DNA contained in the genome of a cell or organism.


pertaining to a genome.

genomic clone
see clone.
genomic DNA
the DNA sequences making up the genome of an individual.
genomic library
see gene bank.
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Genomic PCR tests can be very sensitive and specific, but the presence of genomic DNA does not necessarily correlate with the presence of live, viable microbes, as target DNA may have come from non-viable organisms in the blood or cell-free microbial DNA from contamination or remote infections sites.
Although microbiome whole genome sequencing provides more information than other methods, such as 16S analysis, this method has proven difficult for many samples, due to the presence of contaminating host genomic DNA," says Fiona Stewart, Product Marketing Manager, Next Generation Sequencing at NEB.
Reference human male genomic DNA was purchased from Promega and used as the wild-type DNA in dilution experiments with DNA containing the T790M mutation (H1975 cell line).
This collaboration allowed them to merge Bioo Scientific expertise in the development of unique library preparation solutions for next generation sequencing along with Eureka Genomics' extensive experience as a service provider to improve traditional genomic DNA fragmentation protocol in a novel way.
erythropolis strain ATCC 4277, two primers from a partial sequences of COX gene in nocardioform microorganism were designed for amplification of a fragment of genomic DNA containing 240bp .
A first step to studying this complex community is genomic DNA isolation.
Abstract--Procedures for sampling genomic DNA from live billfishes involve manual restraint and tissue excision that can be difficult to carry (mr and may produce stresses that affect fish survival.
HHV-8 in genomic DNA was present in 6 of 13 patients with ketosisprone DM-2 tested at acute onset and in 0 of 9 patients with non-ketotic DM-2.
In one application, up to five loci in the genomic DNA sequences of Helicobacter pylori were amplified.
In this second edition, Tost (epigenetics, Centre Nationale de Genotypage, CEA) and more than 70 co-contributors have thoroughly revised, updated, and expanded coverage of the most current methods known to further understand the molecular processes that identify the genomic DNA methylation landscape.