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Phoenician deity of vegetation who castrated himself to avoid the advances of the goddess Astronae.
Eshmun complex - autocastration. Synonym(s): genital self-mutilation
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Although there have been only about 100 published cases of male genital self-mutilation brought to the attention of medical professionals since 1901 (Greilsheimer & Groves, 1979; Romilly & Isaac, 1996; Stunell, Power, Floyd, & Quinlan, 2006).
The Skoptic syndrome: Castration and genital self-mutilation as an example of sexual body-image pathology.
Genital self-mutilation (GSM) is a rare phenomenon.
Psychiatric aspects of male genital self-mutilation.
Only 122 cases of genital self-mutilation have been reported till 2006.
3) Self-mutilation is a non-fatal expression of an attenuated death wish and thus coined the term partial suicide, and categorized as eye or ear removal, genital self-mutilation and extreme amputation under psychotic behaviorstof About 40% of college students have engaged in self-mutilation at least once, and about 10% have engaged in self-mutilation 10 or more times.
Reported cases of genital self-mutilation are rare.
Booed at Cannes, controversial Danish film director Lars Von Trier's latest endurance test, sorry, movie, features graphic sex, ultra-violence and genital self-mutilation, all passed off as art in a horror flick that's voyeuristic guff.