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Contract notice: Open procedure for the supply of medical equipment and prosthetic devices to correct male and female urinary incontinence and genital prolapse.
Up to 50% of parous women have some degree of genital prolapse, although only 10-20% are symptomatic.
Female genital mutilation is practised in the coastal areas with a national prevalence of 38% among ever-married women, while 22% of ever-married women of reproductive age and 10% aged 15-19 reported symptoms of genital prolapse.
In the area of maternal mortality/morbidity: A community based study at the Institute estimated the prevalence and determinants of chronic obstetric morbidities such as genital fistula, genital prolapse, urinary incontinence and secondary infertility among women in Nasik district, Maharashtra.
A randomized comparison of tension-free vaginal tape and endopelvic fascia plication in women with genital prolapse and occult stress urinary incontinence.
genital prolapse, in which the ligaments that support pelvic structures like the uterus weaken and the organs drop
2) Among females, those at higher risk include women who have undergone anti-incontinence surgeries and those with genital prolapse.
The Colpexin sphere, an intravaginal device for women with advanced genital prolapse that supports the prolapse above the levator musculature and helps patients strengthen their pelvic floor muscles, can also serve as a test to objectively assess the contractility and strength of pelvic floor muscles, Dr.
This may lead to genital prolapse, decreased ability to support a pregnant uterus, stress incontinence, slower rate of healing after an episiotomy, and decreased ability to relax the perineal floor during the second stage of labour.
Contract awarded for Pessaries For Treating Genital Prolapse