genetic recombination

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ge·net·ic re·com·bi·na·tion

1. the presence in progeny of combinations of genotypes and perhaps phenotypes, not present in either parent, resulting from crossing-over;
2. in microbial genetics, the inclusion of a chromosomal part or extrachromosomal element of one microbial strain in the chromosome of another; the interchange of chromosomal parts or genes between different microbial strains.

genetic recombination

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With the use of SNP linkage markers, the test is able to greatly reduce the risk of genetic recombination yielding an inaccurate result by getting closer to the mutation of interest than historically used short tandem repeat (STR) markers.
As we recently saw for similar kinds of protein modifications in genetic recombination and repair, the scope of these regulatory pathways extends well beyond mere protein degradation.
Is conception when a sperm reaches an egg, when it penetrates the shell of an egg, when genetic recombination begins, when a new genome is formed, or, when a functioning new genome is formed?
Divergence of PEDV is driven by genetic recombination, as in other coronaviruses (10).
Ten generations back, a person has 1,024 genealogical ancestors, but given the vagaries of genetic recombination and sexual reproduction it is likely that each person has inherited his or her genes from only about 120 of them.
Among the topics are the fungal sense of non-self, genetic recombination in Neurospora crassa, the regulation of gene transcription by light, calcium signaling, and the Neurospora circadian system: from genes to proteins and back in less than 24 hours.
The virus arose because of genetic recombination of two mouse viruses.
We have demonstrated at least one case of genetic recombination between viruses of human and marine mammals.
The danger of a genetic recombination is real, in animals and in humans -- this is something we fear," said Pierre Duplessis, Special Envoy for pandemic influenza at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.
I could tell you about genetic recombination or the difficulties of immunising against influenza, but I had no relevant work experience for anything other than medicine; I had little idea what "sub-prime mortgage", "credit crunch" and "recession" meant for me.
Topics include discussions of research in the following areas: an introduction to gene mapping, phylogenetics in the face of lteral gene transfers, the role of recombination in the post-genomic era, genomic DNA rearrangement in the brain, natural genetic recombination of pathogens, the extent and limits of genetic recombination, and homologous recombination and innocuous intron elimination.
No such deletions appeared in their parents, leading the researchers to propose that these DNA alterations occurred during genetic recombination at or shortly after fertilization.

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