genetic model

ge·net·ic mod·el

a formalized conjecture about the behavior of a heritable structure in which the component terms are intended to have literal interpretation as standard structures of empiric genetics.
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Comparing GWAS results of complex traits using full genetic model and additive models for revealing genetic architecture.
The news follows positive results in a range of preclinical studies that examined the efficacy of AUT00206 in a genetic model of Fragile X in mice.
Tests for validity of Additive-Dominance Genetic Model: The two scaling tests, joint regression analysis and analysis of variance of (Wr + Vr) and (Wr - Vr) were performed to test the validity for additive-dominance genetic model for indicated plant traits of wheat under normal and drought (Table 3).
An example genetic model of breast cancer could require an extensive breeding program just to generate a single mouse with the required phenotype, which may take up to 18 months and require the use of many animals.
This technique provides an important new tool for the study of this major genetic model organism," Kipreos said.
6) Anholt calls fruit flies "probably the most powerful, most versatile genetic model we have.
This 486 page volume includes twenty-six seminal and erudite articles by experts in the field of Glial cell research and deftly organized into six major sections: Astrocytes; Oligodendrocytes and Myelination; Schwann Cells; Microglia; Glia in Small Genetic Model Systems; Disease and Repair.
The shape of the funnel plots seemed symmetrical in the dominant comparison genetic model, suggesting the absence of publication bias.
As I had long suspected that VDR knockout mice had unidentified phenotypes, I kept a close eye on subtle changes in this new genetic model.
Yet, ideas about viral causes were also widespread, and the genetic model had yet to explain the age distribution of cancer incidence.
Samples are available isolated from hundreds of different source tissues, including human normal and diseased tissues, as well as a variety of genetic model organisms including mouse, rat, primates and plant species.