genetic fingerprint

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1. an impression of the cutaneous ridges of the fleshy distal portion of a finger.
2. in biochemistry, the characteristic pattern of a peptide after subjection to an analytical technique.
DNA fingerprint (genetic fingerprint) the highly specific hybridization pattern generated by tandem repeats and other patterns of the DNA in an individual's genome.


1. An impression of the inked bulb of the distal phalanx of a finger, showing the configuration of the surface ridges, used as a means of identification.
See also: dermatoglyphics, Galton system of classification of fingerprints.
2. Term, sometimes used informally, referring to any analytic method applicable to making fine distinctions between similar compounds or gel patterns, for example, the pattern of an infrared absorption curve or of two-dimensional paper chromatograph.
3. In genetics, the analysis of DNA fragments to determine the identity of a person or the paternity of a child. Synonym(s): genetic fingerprint

genetic fingerprint

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The genetic fingerprint now gives the police team the potential to see whether they can find a match on items belonging to suspects they investigate.
Now the food has been handed to forensic experts to try and get a genetic fingerprint of the culprit.
No one was ever convicted of the killings but now new advances in DNA forensic testing mean police are reviewing the case and hope to get a genetic fingerprint of the killer from evidence kept in storage over the past three decades.
Obtaining a genetic fingerprint from minute skin samples left in cars is seen as a major breakthrough.
Forensic scientists at Glasgow University had been asked to carry out DNA genetic fingerprint tests.
Even the most careful crook can leave a unique genetic fingerprint behind at the scene.
By examining droppings, scientists were able to isolate cells from rat intestines, creating a genetic fingerprint for each rat.
A genetic fingerprint could solve the 21-year-old murder mystery of teenagers Christine Eadie and Helen Scott.
A Scottish Office spokesman added: "We are trying to build up a genetic fingerprint library.
The genetic fingerprint of one of the killers was discovered but detectives failed to find a match with samples taken from the girls' clothing.
POLICE investigating the World's End double murder believe they now have the genetic fingerprint of the killer.
A genetic fingerprint of Laurent Gasse, 27, will be compared with samples taken from the body of the Cornish schoolgirl.