genetic fingerprint

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1. an impression of the cutaneous ridges of the fleshy distal portion of a finger.
2. in biochemistry, the characteristic pattern of a peptide after subjection to an analytical technique.
DNA fingerprint (genetic fingerprint) the highly specific hybridization pattern generated by tandem repeats and other patterns of the DNA in an individual's genome.


1. An impression of the inked bulb of the distal phalanx of a finger, showing the configuration of the surface ridges, used as a means of identification.
See also: dermatoglyphics, Galton system of classification of fingerprints.
2. Term, sometimes used informally, referring to any analytic method applicable to making fine distinctions between similar compounds or gel patterns, for example, the pattern of an infrared absorption curve or of two-dimensional paper chromatograph.
3. In genetics, the analysis of DNA fragments to determine the identity of a person or the paternity of a child. Synonym(s): genetic fingerprint

genetic fingerprint

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Samples underwent ribotyping in order to their determine genetic fingerprints.
Like CSI investigators in a holiday television special, the NCSU researchers have uncovered molecular markers that are like poinsettias' genetic fingerprints.
Genetic fingerprints found in DNA have helped detectives in Northumbria solve high-profile sex crime cases, including the Sara Cameron murder and a string of cold-case rapes in Operation Phoenix.
Cook, starting a life sentence, was collared after advances in DNA technology enabled scientists to unlock a genetic fingerprint from evidence kept from the murder scene.
The specific way you smell, there is a genetic fingerprint for that.
Not only is it the same strain of Salmonella," said Seattle attorney William Marler, who represented victims of the first Malt-O-Meal outbreak, "But it's the same genetic fingerprint, coming out of the same plant.
Researchers at the BC Cancer Agency and University of British Columbia have reclassified the disease into 10 completely new categories based on the genetic fingerprint of a tumour.
Scientists have worked out the genetic fingerprint of the virus and he said: "We are in a position to motor on.
Experts have now secured the genetic fingerprint after painstaking tests on a small sample of bone, believed to be that of a teenage girl.
They have already developed DNA technology which allows them to identify the genetic fingerprint of each individual's cancer.
A MAN serving life for rape and kidnapping has been cleared by genetic fingerprint evidence.
Criminal suspects are now being convicted based on a genetic fingerprint from their semen or blood even from a piece of hair or a tinge nail--that matches one found on a victim.