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Pertaining to generations, that is, the discrete staging in genealogic descent.
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ii) As typically constructed, generational accounts assume that future generations bear the full cost of current and future government consumption to the extent that it cannot be covered by the net tax payments of living generations.
Finally, generational accounting can identify the set of sustainable policies available to the government.
1 The Generational Wealth Management ContinuumSM: a new approach to family wealth management
According to Bly, successful generational transition of family business enterprises requires both ownership and business governance structures and processes, which take into account the current and future shareholder capacities and development needs, and the governance model and succession management needs of the business.
Leading Across the Ages examines the generational diversity that exists in today's organizations, from technology-savvy Gen Ys, to family-oriented Gen Xers, to Boomers whose professional experience-includes weathering many business cycles.
Two essays in Aging and Generational Relations focus largely on western Europe.
Generational Equity said the transaction opens cross-selling opportunities for both entities.
Perhaps the most pointed use of the generational theme is Jacob Borut's "Jewish Politics and Generational Change in Wilhelmine Germany" which argues that a self-assertive Jewish youth generation developed in the 1890s which rejected the assimilationist policies of their fathers.
The emphasis on generational warfare masked another major division here--the one based on class.
Working Across Generations offers a comprehensive look at the leadership transition and generational shift that the nonprofit sector faces, and it gives readers practical advice on how they can prepare for this inevitable shift in healthy ways.
16 November 2017 - US-based mergers and acquisitions advisor Generational Equity's client, Katko, Ltd.
Dallas, Texas-based Generational Equity has announced the acquisition of its client, Software Design Solutions of Murrysville, Pennsylvania, by Applied Visions of Long Island, New York, teh company said.