generation time

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generation time

  1. (also called division time) the time required for a population of cells to double in number.
  2. the time required for a generation of individuals to be born, reach sexual maturity and reproduce. The generation time is a critical factor in population growth rates and efforts are being made (particularly in China) to extend the human generation time so as to slow down the rate of population increase.


1. the process of reproduction.
2. a class composed of all individuals removed by the same number of successive ancestors from a common predecessor, or occupying positions on the same level in a genealogical (pedigree) chart. Said also of antibiotics or other chemicals derived from parent compounds.

alternate generation
reproduction by alternate asexual and sexual means in an animal or plant species.
asexual generation
production of a new organism not originating from union of gametes. Called also direct generation.
direct generation
see asexual generation (above).
filial generation (first)
the first generation offspring of two parents; symbol F1.
filial generation (second)
all of the offspring produced by two individuals of the first filial generation; symbol F2.
generation interval
the mean age of the parents when the animals that are to replace them are born.
parental generation
the generation with which a particular genetic study is begun; symbol P1.
sexual generation
production of a new organism from the zygote formed by the union of gametes.
spontaneous generation
the discredited concept of continuous generation of living organisms from nonliving matter.
generation time
1. in epidemiological terms the time required between infection occurring and the patient reaching full infectivity.
2. in histological terms the time required to complete one full cell cycle; average of 20 hours for mammalian cells.
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Such long life spans rarely occur today, because oyster diseases and fishing both limit generation time in most environments relative to prehistoric times (Harding & Mann 2006, Harding et al.
Here we explicitly estimated the reproduction numbers from times of symptom onset and the generation time distribution for norovirus infections, whereas earlier work relied on transforming epidemic curves to reproduction numbers (19,20).
To assess whether moose are simply large deer, I performed two types of analyses on life history traits related to maternal care (birth mass and early growth rate) and population dynamics (population growth rate, generation time, and fitness components such as age-specific survival and reproduction).
Daphnia has a short generation time and should prove to be ideal for revealing epigenetic regulations when multigenerational exposure is of interest.
Genetic studies of secondary growth have been very difficult and limited by the long generation time and large genome size of forest trees.
the services required under this contract relate to systems and generation time distribution repository sites dga em Biscarrosse, hourtin, Quimper, Base Levant and Mount Coudon.
0]), finite rate of increase ([lambda]), mean generation time (T), and population doubling time (DT) was not published in their studies.
The generation time for SCVs is up to 9-fold longer than for metabolically normal strains, which results in tiny colonies that are frequently not visible until after 48 to 72 hours of incubation.
Our chosen species for this work was the zebrafish because its short generation time facilitates the life-long and multigenerational chemical exposures; it is a group-spawner (a common breeding system in fish); and, most importantly, small populations will spawn naturally in the laboratory without any manipulation.
Speedware business intelligence has been integrated into Calabrio to provide users with powerful Web-based query, reporting, OLAP and data mining functionality, enabling their CRM solution to dramatically reduce report generation time, develop critical labor insights, and improve labor scheduling decisions.
5 seconds in search page generation time dropped traffic by 20%;

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