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1. To produce.
2. To procreate.
[L. genero, pp. -atus, to beget]


tr.v. gener·ated, gener·ating, gener·ates
To engender (offspring); procreate.
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After getting permits from the DWP, the Community College District installed four microturbines at Los Angeles City College and four at Valley College, with the goal of generating the electricity needed to provide air conditioning and heat the pool at the respective campuses.
In recent years, Wagner says, "there have been several other instances of widely deployed systems that have been vulnerable to attack because insufficient attention was paid to generating high-quality randomness.
The policy directs the Secretary of Energy to vastly expand the nation's nuclear generating capacity, and to "develop next generation technology including hydrogen and fusion.
The co-gen equipment at Sigma consists of two 1400-kwh gas-fired engines capable of generating a total of 23,000 Mwh/yr.
The five-member Northwestern Energy Association, which includes Thunder Bay Hydro, is interested in the sale of Ontario Power Generation's Atikokan and Thunder Bay generating plants, he say.
Parallel SCSI-based RAID disk controllers on the market today use one of two available methods for generating XOR parity data for RAID levels such as 3 and 5.
An exhaustive search would require generating all possible schedules, and then picking the best.
Most administrators rely on the convenience of using such forms; indeed, many employers have invested in software programs for generating such forms.
Two electricity generating units at the Department of Water and Power's Sun Valley station, built in the 1950s and shut down at least five years ago, have been put back into operation to help the DWP pay down its debt, officials said Wednesday.

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