generated path

generated path (chew-in),

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Quickly create a pipe or tube by sweeping a circle along an automatically generated path.
Each method has its own pros and cons in terms of algorithm capability, computational load, smoothness of generated path, etc.
As for autonomous vehicles, an integrated lateral planning method should consider the non-holonomic constraints of a vehicle, the optimization of the generated path and the applicability to various traffic scenarios.
For this specific application, x-axis of input image is larger than y-axis, and then the first generated path is a big semicircle that gets out of the scene.
After that, the generated path is drawn on the scene image in order to assure that it will not generate collisions with obstacles or borders of the scene, as shown in Figure 11.
The functionally generated path (FGP) is a static representation of the opposing cusp's dynamic movement from a centric position to eccentric positions to achieve optimal articulation and occlusal harmony.
The technique for recording the FGP can be initiated after the anterior guidance has been harmonized according to the patients functional, esthetic, and periodontal support Functionally generated path procedures, used on upper posterior teeth, record directly all possible border pathways of the lower posterior teeth, as they are influenced by both the anterior and posterior determinants.
Given a standard industrial robot for dynamic applications with high path accuracy and a lot of feedback forces like milling, grinding or drilling, the robot will not be able to move its tool centre point along its offine generated path.
The different notions of Multimedia concept: We found that "Multimedia" concept is before the learning order "Table [right arrow] Frame [right arrow] Form" in the expert-designed path, but after the learning order in the user- generated path.
The generated path is too rough for short-range navigation; the UGV must rely on onboard sensors to avoid immediate obstacles.
Our approach has two phases; in first phase test paths are generated using genetic algorithm while second phase involves identifying the infeasible paths from the generated paths.
The software tester might get an idea that the test cases to be developed must cover these generated paths in order to ensure complete coverage of the code.