generalized vaccinia

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the cutaneous and sometimes systemic reactions associated with vaccination with smallpox vaccine. See also cowpox and paravaccinia.
vaccinia gangreno´sa generalized vaccinia with failure to develop antibodies against the virus (due to agammaglobulinemia), with spreading necrosis at the site and metastasis of lesions throughout the body.
generalized vaccinia a condition of widespread vaccinial lesions resulting from sensitivity response to smallpox vaccination and delayed production of neutralizing antibodies.
progressive vaccinia vaccinia gangrenosa.

gen·er·al·ized vac·cin·i·a

secondary lesions of the skin following vaccination that may occur in subjects with previously healthy skin but are more common in the case of traumatized skin, especially in the case of eczema (eczema vaccinatum). In the latter instance, generalized vaccinia may result from mere contact with a vaccinated person. Secondary vaccinial lesions may also occur following transfer of virus from the vaccination to another site by means of the fingers.
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Smallpox vaccine administration can trigger a wide range of dermatologic reactions, from severe conditions such as eczema vaccinatum and progressive vaccinia, to milder reactions such as generalized vaccinia and erythema multiforme.
Folliculitis following smallpox vaccination appears distinct from earlier descriptions of generalized vaccinia," Dr.
One woman had a suspected case of generalized vaccinia, characterized by pain at the vaccination site, malaise, headache and a rash.

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