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/gen·er·al/ (jen´er-al) affecting many parts or all parts of the organism; not local.

70s, the rules of

A mnemonic for CNS tumors
70s, rule of
General 70% are primary CNS neoplasms, 70% of primary CNS neoplasms are glial, 70% of primary glial tumors are astrocytomas; 70% of astrocytomas are high grade
Children 70% of tumors arise in the posterior fossa, 70% of those occurring before age 2 are medulloblastomas; 70% of supratentorial tumors are craniopharyngiomas
Adults 70% are in the hemispheres, 70% of those in the pineal region are germinomas, 70% of those in the pituitary gland are adenomas, of which 70% are chromophobe adenomas


in a clinical context means whole of body.

general clinical assessment
an overall statement on the patient's state of health.
general clinical examination
a complete clinical examination including all body systems.
general populations
include all classes and levels of animals (or plants) without any attempt to categorize them.
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29) Thus, NTVs generally may not be used to support activities involving the purely personal business or activities of the general officer.
380 Colt Model "M" pocket pistols (Models 1903 and 1908 hammerless arms), which had seen decades of use by general officers.
In most cases, the general officer personally selects the soldiers who will serve as aides.
The General Officer Commanding, Major General, Nadir Khan directed the Commanding Officer of FWO, Lieutenant Colonel Jamal to make arrangement for widening of roads and construct a guardrail alongside the banks of the river to revert any damage.
It said the General Officer Talks forum was instituted in 1998 through mutual agreement between the UNC and the KPA as a confidence-building measure.
Under the contract, Cubic's leadership development team will help assess an estimated 8,000 Army personnel ranging from sergeants to general officer on their leadership abilities.
NOUSHAHRO FEROZE -- General Officer Commanding (GOC) Pano Aaqil along with Commissioner Nawabshah and Deputy Commissioner Noushahro Feroze visited embankments of River Indus to inspect the ongoing work being carried out by Irrigation department here on Thursday.
Earlier, on arrival in the exercise area, the Corps Commander was received by General Officer Commanding, Major General Aamir Abbasi.
In a statement issued last Friday, the UNC said the two sides have ''exchanged proposals for conducting General Officer Talks where the parties could discuss the formation of a group to jointly assess the circumstances and evidence pertaining to the sinking'' of the Cheonan.
Other key general officer assignments include responsibility at the Combined Arms Command, Forth Leavenworth, for the Army's collective training doctrine and programs (1991-1992) before working for CINC, U.
NOUSHAHRO FEROZ -- General Officer Commanding (GOC) Pano Aaqil along with Commissioner Nawabshah Ghulam Mustafa Phull and Deputy Commissioner Noushahro Feroze Dr Wasim Ali Thursday inspected various embankments of River Indus and the ongoing strengthening work carried out by Irrigation department.
A ceremony was held at his final resting place in Lahore today, where General Officer Commanding Fida Hussain and Major General Sajjad Ali laid a floral wreath on behalf of the Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif.

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