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Koval and colleagues examined the effect of regional versus general anesthesia on functional recovery in a cohort of patients following hip fracture.
In the general anesthesia group of patients, the neuromuscular blockade was reversed with neostigmine and, when appropriate, the endotracheal tube was removed.
General anesthesia may exert this effect through a pleiotropic mechanism that might involve effects on nitric oxide, tumor necrosis factor [alpha], N-methyl-D-aspartate, calcium, or possibly other mediators, said Dr.
Some patients have been successfully treated with these drugs, but the frequent, painful treatments usually must be done under general anesthesia.
This phenomenon described in transitions observed in the early stages of general anesthesia appears to be common across all three states, because the drugs are triggering this same feedback loop, the authors explained.
Overall, Apgar scores were not significantly different between the spinal and general anesthesia groups.
A decade ago, patients undergoing hip or knee replacements were almost exclusively given general anesthesia during surgery and intravenous narcotic pain medications afterward.
Our data suggest that patients who received conscious sedation had shorter hospital stays than those receiving general anesthesia, and that this reduced the cost of treatment," said study leader Dr.
Clinicians have worried that if general anesthesia were to be required for an emergency cesarean section, a woman might aspirate food into her lungs.
The patient had also experienced two episodes of malignant hyperthermia following induction of general anesthesia.
In addition, women decline more dramatically than men in cognition, function and brain size after surgery and general anesthesia, according to another study reported at the conference.

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