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In Scotts' newer grasses, for instance, the foreign genetic material comes only from other plants and is inserted with a gene gun rather than by the bacterium.
Tenders are invited for Supply, Installation, commissioning of laboratory equipment: aquarium chillers (1/10 hp), autoclave, biolistic gene gun, biosafety cabinet, Deep freezer etc.
In the study, snippets of DNA were delivered into skin instructor cells by a device known as a gene gun.
Down through the years, his perspective shifts through such matters as setting the standard at Mombasa, the constructive spirit of Nyeri, bombarding cells with the gene gun, the tropics as a handicap for farmers in the lowlands in November 2002, confronting the laws of the market, in the headlock of multinational patents and licenses, fighting hunger with education in Mbere in 2005, and the 2008 self-made prosperity of a farmer near Embu.
In the current study a comparison with the gene gun delivery method also indicated that the MedPulser gene delivery system performed as good as or better than the gene gun in inducing immune responses capable of clearing liver cells expressing hepatitis C virus proteins.
The second method of gene insertion uses a gene gun.
The Johns Hopkins team also delivered DNA into mice by using a so-called gene gun to propel small doses of the nanorods under the animals' skin.
They've transferred marker genes using a blast from a gene gun.
Much fanfare has surrounded the gene gun being developed by PowderMed, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pfizer (NYSE: PFE).
This biotech approach offers more precision than another popular method--one that relies on a gene gun to blast genes into plant tissue.
Research and Markets has announced the addition of the " Global Transfection (Gene Delivery, DNA Delivery, Protein Delivery, SiRNA Delivery) Technologies (Lipofection, Calcium Phosphate, Electroporation, Nucleofection, Magnetofection, Gene Gun, Viral) Market (2012 - 2017)" report to their offering.