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Gene Chip Technology Application in the Field of Sports Science Research
Data normalization and statistical analysis for the Gene Chip array were performed using Genomics Suite software (Partek, St.
This gene chip covers relevant context-specific valid biomarkers and thus could be successfully applied in clinical practice.
When one runs a microarray experiment, an optical scanner records the fluorescence-intensity values--the level of fluorescence at each spot on the gene chip.
Other tools, such as gene chips, allow investigators to identify genes that are active in a given cell at a given time.
Toshiba will begin marketing the new gene chip during the fiscal year ending March 31, 2003, after establishing mass-production technology.
The info/biotech intersection could not be more clear than in the gene chip, a collection of as many as 20,000 individual genes mounted on a surface that is then "interrogated" by a laser to elicit information about gene expression.
Alongside the E-nose, a commercial gene chip company is also using the same Office of Navel Research-funded array technology for DNA gene sequencing and are creating next-generation diagnostic tools for personalized medicine.
As gene chip technology moves into clinical use, detecting a large number of resistance determinants soon after a patient is admitted to the hospital should be possible.
The new products, developed and manufactured by Enzo Diagnostics, a wholly owned subsidiary, provide researchers with greater versatility for sample labeling and extend the use of these proprietary products in gene chip assays.
com/research/a26e09/global_dna_gene) has announced the addition of the "Global DNA & Gene Chip (Microarray) Market (2010 - 2015)" report to their offering.