gene activation

gene ac·ti·va·tion

the process of activation of a gene so that it is expressed at a particular time. This process is crucial in growth and development.
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Of the 62 chemicals tested, 45 significantly inhibited nod gene activation and luteolin--NodD receptor signaling.
In June 2002, Cell Genesys announced the completion of a worldwide licensing agreement under which Cell Genesys exclusively licensed to Transkaryotic intellectual property relating to its gene activation technology for certain therapeutic proteins.
In the prospective clinical tests systemic blood samples will be sampled for gene activation after brief exposure of Alferon N to the buccal (oral) mucosa of volunteers.
Simmi Gehani, a student in the Hansen group, added that even subtle changes in gene activation can be disastrous during foetal development as establishment of correct cellular identity can be disturbed in our cells.
Rosenfeld's laboratory has demonstrated that a cohort of Histone Methyltransferases (HMTs), and demethylases such as LSD1, work together to establish ligand-dependant regulation of gene activation by estrogen receptor alpha (ER alpha) in human breast cancer cells.
That may sound like good news, but because the insecticides to varying degrees block access to those receptors, they can interfere with normal gene activation by preventing a natural androgen, dihydrotestosterone, from docking with its receptor.
Here we report the establishment of an in vivo system that uses hsp7O gene activation as a measure of cadmium toxicity in living early larvae of transgenic zebrafish carrying a stably integrated hsp 70-enhanced green fluorescent protein (eGFP) reporter gene.
The Court's decision further validates the distinctiveness of Transkaryotic's gene activation technology and resulting products as compared to conventional techniques.
Additionally, and very importantly, Hemispherx is set to begin drug trials in humans within the month looking at relevant gene activation profiles.
Ceres utilizes its proprietary genomics technologies including full-length cDNA sequencing, targeted gene activation, high-throughput screening platforms, and plant breeding with trait-linked marker-assisted breeding, to identify and deploy genes and traits required for the production of elite plant varieties and hybrids.
In the well-studied asexual blood stages, cyclic monocistronic gene activation occurs at the transcriptional level; however, relatively few transcription factors have been identified, thus other types of regulatory processes that contribute to this coordinated gene expression are believed to exist.