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Genderqueer: A person whose gender identity or gender expression falls outside of the dominant societal expectation for their assigned sex, is beyond genders, or is some combination of them.
We are working to activate the 'Gender Balance Index' across various sectors to enhance the role of women, and promote gender equality through encouraging female participation.
A Dutch study8 indicated that 39% of 584 reported cases, gender identity disorder was regarded as the primary diagnosis, 61% cross-gender confusion occurred along with other psychiatric disorders.
Transgender is an umbrella term referring to people who move away from the gender assigned to them at birth, thus violating societal conceptualizations of what it means to be a man or a woman (Stryker, 2008).
To work with future teachers on approaching gender in more complex ways, teacher educators must develop a vocabulary of gender.
From birth, individuals are confronted with numerous gender specific beliefs and behaviors that they internalize to create their views about the world and about themselves.
When I teach class now, we do a segment on gender shifts that focuses on heads, eyes, the torque--how women nod and smile and men command stillness.
2) While effeminate or unmanly boys were not artifacts of the twentieth century, the meaning attached to them shifted in conjunction with the politics of masculinity and transformations in child rearing, gender socialization, and the new sciences of human development.
What the members of this latest American identity group share is a far more practical understanding of gender politics than that of the ethereal, academic world to which it is often relegated.
Thus, Miller suggests that if a species happens to become polyploid, it avoids the ills of inbreeding if it also evolves gender dimorphism.
But I did not change gender because I liked colorful clothing (Donald did not) or womanly grace (Donald viewed it as sentimentality).