Gender Bender

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Endocrinology A popular term for any anti-sex antihormone factor See Pheromone
Sociology An informal term for a person who actively transgresses, or 'bends,' expected gender roles—e.g., a man who wears make-up and feminine clothes. Gender bending can have a subtext of social activism in response to assumptions or over-generalisations about genders
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Tinned or plastic-wrapped foods could expose you to hormone-disrupting chemicals known as gender benders, say Friends of the Earth.
From the sidelines, he laments the damage done to our public image by leatherfolk, flamboyant gender benders, and militants.
These gender benders may look alluring and seductive, but I've never witnessed such hellcats in action in my life.
In the end Lola managed to win the festival's top prize, the Audience Award, in the international competition and opened in eight Turkish theaters, where gender benders stood in line alongside gays and straights.