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gels, herbal suspensions made from gums, gelatin, or pectin that are used on mucosae and in cases in which long-lasting, slow-acting astringent properties are needed.
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Women and children should avoid contact with the unwashed or unclothed areas where FORTESTA Gel or Testosterone Gel have been applied.
Some of those attributes -- the gel for men and the placenta-based products -- those kinds of things do have cultural value that people can relate to.
Discolored gels are caused by overheating or burning.
All gels contain small amounts of the electrolytes, such as potassium and sodium, that are typically lost through perspiration.
The gel could be part of an implant placed in a diabetic person's abdominal cavity, Kataoka explains.
the premier supplier of gel electrophoresis equipment and related products, has been recognised as an innovator.
It's important to control the pressing temperature to make sure you don't create more gels in the test process.
Silica gel is compatible with living tissues," he says, "so it's a good candidate for implanting live cells into a human body.
An additional study evaluated Oxiplex Gel as a vehicle for the delivery of a novel, synthetic peptide bone growth factor being developed by FzioMed.
In addition to the new mid-format gel system, Invitrogen introduced its new dual power supply enabling researchers to power multiple electrophoresis apparatus.
This compares to other topical treatments, such as gels, rinses, or lozenges, which require multiple applications or intakes per day.
TamoGel(TM), along with its intellectual property, was acquired by ASCEND from Besins International Holdings, the leading manufacturer of prescription gels in the world.