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gavial, gharial

a member of the crocodile family, e.g. Indian gavial (Gavialis gangeticus).
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These action plans will help to conserve biodiversity and fight against the disappearance of these species,some of which are now reduced to just a few individuals: Alligators in China, Gavials or Crocodiles of theOrinoco River in the Amazon.
Gavial joined Chandler KBS in 1996andhas developed considerable experience in the civil engineering and water utilities sectors.
Apart from Mr Gavial, two other Britons, a Spanish couple and a Moroccan child were injured in the first blast outside the four-star Hotel Las Piramides.
This is the mission of NuSource, LLC, a newly formed company between MPR Associates and Gavial Holdings.
5 million project involved the replacement of a nine km section of primary 66,000 volt line between Egans Hill and Gavial switching station just before Bouldercombe and will be upgraded from a timber pole line to a high reliability concrete pole line.
Native to the Indian sub- continent, the gharial, also known as the gavial or ' fish- eating' crocodile, is considered the only true descendant of the ancient crocodilian family that existed on Earth some 100 million years ago.
Holidaymaker Mario Gavial, 33, from London, remained seriously ill last night after he was injured in the first bombing, outside the Hotel Las Piramides in Fuengirola.