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gavial, gharial

a member of the crocodile family, e.g. Indian gavial (Gavialis gangeticus).
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The company said through this acquisition, Gavial Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc.
Pakistan has 179 species of reptilian fauna consisting of turtles, tortoises, crocodile, gavial, lizards and snakes [1].
Executive producers, William Litchi, Fernando Perez, Gavial M.
Zoo administration has also offered other animals for adoption including Bengal Tigar, White Tiger, African Lion, White Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus, Leopard, Chimpanzee, Wolf, Balck Bear Jackal, Nilgai, Wild Boar and all kinds of Monkeys, Red deer, Samber, Wallaby, Fellow deer, Hog deer, Spotted deer, Moufflon sheep, Chinkara, Peafowl, Finches, Love birds, Rabbit, Guinea Pig, All water Birds, Ostrich, Emu, Cassowary, Gavial and otter.
7) fails, for example, to identify neochoristoderes as longirostrine (despite widespread use of the gavial as a functional analogue for Champsosaurus: e.
A version of the PVP known as the Gavial is being proposed for the GFF Category 1 vehicles, while the PVP HD, or Gavial Plus, aims at Category 2.
Barye had earlier enjoyed critical attention when he exhibited his first major animal sculptures at the Salons of 1831 and 1833, where he showed his impressive Tigre devorant un gavial and Lion au serpent, respectively (Fig.
Now the brand will actively support projectsselected by the GEF to safeguard or protect the endangered crocodile, alligator, caiman or gavial species,whose loss would jeopardize the biological balance of their natural habitats.
John Gavial and Ian Morris have worked their way up through the ranks after starting at the company as year-out students.
La subfamilia Crocodylinae esta conformada por tres generos con especies sobrevivientes: Crocodylus, los verdaderos cocodrilos con 12 especies; Osteolaemus, el cocodrilo enano y Tomistoma, el falso gavial y Gavialinae que contiene solo un genero con una especie sobreviviente, el gharial, Gavialis gangeticus (Ross y Magnusson 1989).
These are known to ambush unwary animals in or near rivers, and the Meganthropus III mandible from Sangiran has a puncture wound consistent with a bite from a crocodile or gavial (Koenigswald 1968).
Marios Gavial, 33, of London, remained seriously ill last night after he was injured in the first bombing, outside the Hotel Las Piramides in Fuengirola.