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the residuum after extraction of oil from oil seeds, used extensively as a protein supplement to diets of all housed animal species.

cake poisoning
varies with the seed, linseed cake may cause cyanide poisoning, cottonseed cake may cause gossypol poisoning.

Patient discussion about cake

Q. Anybody know any special cakes for diabetes patients? not just sugarless... something that was specially designed maybe...? any recipes??

A. Thank you diabetes community!!! you are good people... I invite you to try the cakes once they're ready...

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The next thing I knew Skinner had grabbed the gateau with both hands and piled it in to my face.
The shop does have an age limit for part-time workers -- no employment for those younger than 25 -- as Gateau Masuda wants those with common sense, according to Masuda.
If you have to make a shallower gateau with wider blinis, so be it.
Now, there can be awful versions of what really is a very good cake, so I looked up some books to see if I could remember what a proper black forest gateau tastes and looks like.
Desserts Black Forest Gateau Rich chocolate sponge layered with cream and bittersweet black cherries and cherry jam, topped with cream and whole cherries and served with cream Rum Baba Sponge soaked in Jamaican rum and topped with dairy cream Ice cream Choose from our extensive selection -vanilla, chocolate and strawberry
One of the shows I'm particularly looking forward to is Black by Le Gateau Chocolat at the Unity next Thursday and Friday at 7pm.
Plus de 140 exposants prennent part a cette manifestation qui allie la bonne humeur a la fibre commercante, car si la figue est reine en ces lieux, presentee dans tous les emballages et se declinant en fruit, confiture, gateau et autres derives, les autres produits du terroir, huile d'olive, miel, citrouille, grenades, et meme legumes, prennent egalement opportunite pour se faire une petite place dans le couffin des potentiels clients.
With that in mind, he reveals amazing recipes including a passion fruit gateau with an exploding base, and edible chocolate soil.
To build the gateau, place a metal ring or scone cutter in the centre of the plate and half fill with the crab, pressing down lightly.
A drop in lunch was held on Wednesday at Parkwood Methodist Church organised by Sheila and Robin, menu -roast beef and Yorkshire puddings, potatoes, vegetables, chocolate gateau, syrup sponge, apple and strawberry tart with tea or coffee.
The latter is an exciting combination of the classic flavours of gateau and cheesecake in one innovative concept.
This chocolate and raspberry gateau does take a lot of work - it is not a dish that you can rustle up with ease, but it is well worth the effort.