gastric lavage

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gastric lavage

the washing out of the stomach with sterile water or a saline solution. The procedure is performed before and after surgery to remove irritants or toxic substances and possibly before such examinations as endoscopy or gastroscopy. See also irrigation.

gastric lavage

Gastric washing Internal medicine A procedure in which a nasogastric tube is passed into the stomach, and fluid obtained

gas·tric lav·age

(gas'trik lă-vahzh')
Washing out the stomach with water or saline solution. Performed to remove ingested poisons and also to empty the stomach before general anesthesia.
See also: lavage

gastric lavage

Stomach washout. This is done to remove or dilute drugs or non-corrosive poisons taken in suicide attempts. Lavage is avoided if corrosive poisons have been taken. A wide-bore soft plastic or rubber tube is pushed down the gullet (oesophagus) into the stomach, the end held high, and water run in through a funnel. The end of the tube is then lowered so that the washings drain out. This process is repeated until the returning water is clear.

Gastric lavage

Also called a stomach pump. For this procedure, a flexible tube is inserted through the nose, down the throat, and into the stomach and the contents of the stomach are suctioned out. The inside of the stomach is rinsed with a saline (salt water) solution.
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1. irrigation or washing out of an organ or cavity, as of the stomach or intestine.
2. to wash out, or irrigate. See also wash.

abdominal lavage
the infusion of saline into the peritoneal cavity, usually through a catheter inserted through the abdominal wall, for diagnostic purposes. The fluid returned may be examined for red blood cells, bacteria, enzymes, etc. Called also peritoneal lavage.
bronchoalveolar lavage
percutaneous entry of a catheter between tracheal rings, followed by infusion of a small volume of normal sterile saline which is then aspirated. The sample is submitted to microbiological and histopathological examination.
colonic lavage
irrigation of the colon, usually to remove ingested toxins.
gastric lavage
gastric lavage, or irrigation of the stomach, is usually done to remove ingested poisons. The solutions used for gastric lavage are physiological saline, 1% sodium bicarbonate, plain water or a specific antidote for the poison. A gastric tube is passed and then the irrigating fluid is funneled into the tube. It is allowed to flow into the stomach by gravity. The solution is removed by siphonage; when the funnel is lowered, the fluid flows out, bringing with it the contents of the stomach. Called also gavage.
ice water lavage
administration of ice water through a stomach tube is used in the treatment of acute upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage. There is a risk of inducing hypothermia.
ruminal lavage
used in the treatment of carbohydrate engorgement. Serial gavages are performed until the fluid comes back clear. A 2.5 in (6 cm) diameter Kingman tube is necessary if any bulk of material is to be retrieved and a hose from a tap is the only practical irrigating mechanism.
subpalpebral lavage
a method of medicating the eye, particularly useful in treating corneal ulcerations in horses. Tubing is inserted from the conjunctival sac through the upper eyelid and extended onto the head or neck. Medication can then be delivered continuously in a drip.
thoracic lavage
irrigation of a pleural sac via a paracentesis cannula.
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Position statements: ipecac syrup, gastric lavage, single dose activated charcoal, cathartics.
Primary decontamination with gastric lavage and activated charcoal should be performed as early as possible.
Updated standards pertain to devices such as lithotripters, cardiac implants, dialysis tubing, endoscopes, MRI, electrocardiogram machinery and gastric lavage machines.
The children have undergone gastric lavage and were all treated," a medical source from the hospital, who requested anonymity, told Aswat al-Iraq - Voices of Iraq - (VOI).
However, gastric lavage may be considered if the ingestion occurred within an hour of presentation to the emergency department.
In 1823 the bottle was replaced by a syringe with two valves, meaning the syringe did not have to be removed, and gastric lavage became established in English medical practice.
Gastric lavage and activated charcoal can be useful early in the course of the poisoning.
Gastric lavage may be considered if ingestion has occurred in [less than or equal to]1 hour.
The plaintiff claims the boy died because the hospital failed to take measures against poisoning involving a toxic agent, including gastric lavage and blood transfusions to deal with lowered blood pressure.
developed Remedi, an automated liquid-chromatographic analyzer for detecting drugs in urine, serum, and gastric lavage fluid by on-line sample cleanup and isocratic multicolumn separation with full-scan UV detection.
11] The use of gastric lavage or induced emesis may be contraindicated in overdoses with central nervous system stimulants, since further stimulation may precipitate seizures.