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(găs′ər), Herbert Spencer 1888-1963.
American physiologist. He shared a 1944 Nobel Prize for research on the functions of nerve fibers.
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The US 50 Classy Gassers edition will be limited to only 50 cars, one for each of the 50 United States.
In 1870 the Austro-Hungarian military adopted what was the largest cartridge revolver ever issued to troops--the 11mm Gasser.
Designed by Austria's Leopold Gasser, the revolver chambered a tapered 11mm (also called 11.
But then the Austro-Hungarian military always had a penchant for unique arms, so the Gassers were just another example of them ".
Gasser also produced a revolver for police that differed drastically in design from their earlier models.
Among the new generation of Gassers with "circus blood" are Johnny (19), Christopher (13), and Jessica (4), all of whom perform in Starlight, another Gasser family circus.
At Westlake High, coach Jim Benkert is a fan of gassers, a wind sprint in which players run as fast as they can from one sideline to the other.
The funny thing is, once we start running they'll start grading us on the gassers.
Today, original Gassers can be difficult to come by and do bring a pretty good price, although Belgian knock-offs surface quite regularly.
Even so, one must admit that the Austro-Hungarian Model 1870 Gasser revolver might have represented an extreme example of this ethos.
Even when the average caliber was around II mm, most European cheux, Chamelot-Delvigne, Nagant, Gasser, Schmidt-Galand, Abadie, or Kropatschek.
K Hof-und Armee-Waffenfabrik was established by Leopold Gasser (1836-1871), a gunsmith who settled in Vienna and opened his first factory in 1862, where he produced firearms for hunting and target shooting.