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(găs′ər), Herbert Spencer 1888-1963.
American physiologist. He shared a 1944 Nobel Prize for research on the functions of nerve fibers.
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Animals' rights activists claim the recent series of deaths is due to the fact that Gasser does not provide expecting and nursing dolphins with a separate tank for rearing their young.
While I'm guessing that lugging around one of these things all day would probably get a little wearisome, at least the soldier who was carrying a Gasser would have confidence that he had a solid hunk of ordnance to do his bidding and that it would probably stop anything on two legs (and some on four) with reasonable certainty.
In fact, the New York show was mostly a pumped-up version of the Boston show: Almost every painting at Gasser & Grunert appeared in a smaller version at Allston Skirt Gallery, with the exception of the former show's monumental Hello, Hello, Hello, 2002.
CHOP CHOP: Toughnut Heather, right, aims a kick at instructor Leanne Gasser at her Newport tae kwon do club
In order to address the seemingly endless demand for weapons from the kingdoms, warlords and tribal warriors of the Balkans, the following year, Gasser introduced what was to become its best-known product.
Hayes 4-9 5-8 14, Dekker 6-12 2-4 17, Kaminsky 6-13 4-5 16, Gasser 1-4 2-2 4, Koenig 2-7 7-8 12, Showalter 2-2 0-0 5, Dukan 1-4 1-2 4.
Kristen Gasser (left) and Kate Brough in Playhouse Creatures which opens at the Shakespearience in Stratford on Wednesday.
0%, 3-point baskets - 8-20 (Pondexter 0-1, Dentmon 0-1, Appleby 5-10, Oliver 1-1, Gasser 0-1, Nelson 2-6).
Liliput is the newest Gasser circus; it opened just this year as a small, traditional family circus with a romantic atmosphere.
Performing it last night in honour of Stevenson's 70th birthday, and in his presence, was Conservatoire graduate Mark Gasser, now deservedly launched on a thriving solo career, and a pianist whose account of the Britten Concerto here a few years ago is fondly remembered.
Gasser, president of Gasser Consulting, has joined the Med-Vision team as a principal and equity owner.
Damascus, SANA- Interior Minister Mohammad al-Shaar discussed on Wednesday with Head of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Syria Marianne Gasser the work of the organization in the country and facilitations offered by the Ministry to help it assume its humanitarian duties in Syria.