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A calibrated instrument or vessel for measuring the volumes of gases.
See also: spirometer.


A calibrated instrument used to measure volumes.

gasometer (gasäm´ətur),

n a calibrated instrument or vessel for measuring the volume of gases. Used in clinical and physiologic investigation for measuring respiratory volume.
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But for a completely different experience, get the underground to Gasometer Station.
The nitrogen, uncombined, was collected in a calibrated gasometer.
2]), and minute ventilation (VE) were measured breath by breath using a respirometer equipped with a gasometer (Model RM300 and Model MG360, Minato Medical Co.
Inside an amazing range of food and non food items was on offer, while outside Asda had even given the old gasometer a makeover and plastered it with an enormous Asda ad.
Pancras Station, sometimes shown complete with flyover and gasometer, and his models are no more conventionally attractive than his compatriot's.
Christo and Jeanne-Claude's installation The Wall opens in Gasometer Oberhausen on 30 April.
POLICE Sergeant Gillian Gibson, who spent hours high up a gasometer convincing a man life was worth living.
Jez (Stuart Townsend) and Dylan (Dan Futterman) are both orphans who live in a gasometer filled with Jez's weird inventions.
The property resides within the old gasometer, a cylindrical, nine-story apartment block featuring a continuous glass fa[?
Objektplanung remodeling a gasometer as PlanetariumBuilt in the 1970s, Spaceflight Planetarium on the PeiE-nitzinsel was in 2013 so badly damaged as a result of the June floods that further use is impossible.
Although his term gasometer was widely used for the storage containers, they are not meters.