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A calibrated instrument or vessel for measuring the volumes of gases.
See also: spirometer.


A calibrated instrument used to measure volumes.

gasometer (gasäm´ətur),

n a calibrated instrument or vessel for measuring the volume of gases. Used in clinical and physiologic investigation for measuring respiratory volume.
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The site Gasometer can be considered of poor quality because of its high mean level of fecal coliforms and low means of O2 and BOD5.
The decaying structures, tarnished by rust and partly overgrown with weeds, are also known as gasometers, a term coined by Birmingham famous engineer William Murdoch.
My interest stems from the fact that my grandfather, Samuel Milner, was foreman fitter at the gasworks during World War II, and told us all about the difficulties at the time that he and his fitters had to deal with in providing access to, and stability of, the structure of the gasometer, for the bomb disposal team to defuse the land mine.
It's got a fold-down couch, TV, shower, toilet and, on a clear day, you can see the gasometer on Newton-on- Ayr beach.
Only now, when those terrible dreams come, the building is the 160ft gasometer she climbed to save a life.
Jez (Stuart Townsend) and Dylan (Dan Futterman) are both orphans who live in a gasometer filled with Jez's weird inventions.
03 Contract Award Notice (below OJEU threshold) or call off from a framework (any value): The site of the former gasometer plant at Grant Street in Helensburgh is to be developed into a new park and ride car park
Four years after its closure, I photographed the demolition of the iconic cooling towers and gasometer at the Lanarkshire site and made a promise to return one day to discover the fate of the site and the people who worked there.
The "Brunswick Village" development on Caryl Street, Dingle is to be built close to a gasometer.
The other development was of a more industrial nature - apparently Middlesbrough needed a new gasometer.