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Stephen Kingdon, owner of the Quartermasters Stores in City Road, Cardiff, said he had been inundated with requests for gas masks.
Only 60% of Israelis currently have gas masks, a Home Front Command official told Channel 2.
North America has the largest market share for global gas masks products, followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific.
UNNERVING SIGHT: Just wearing a gas mask was a frightening experience for kids during WW2
I am running the marathon in a gas mask to raise money for a charity which supports and helps people with Motor Neurone Disease (MDNA).
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After Thursday, gas mask production will be limited and the kits will be distributed to emergency service teams alone.
CCTV footage played to the inquest in Plymouth showed Levers entering the betting shop with a hood up, covering the gas mask.
Local air raid wardens were asked to make sure everybody had been issued with a gas mask and people could face fines if they did not wear them.
The children acted out being evacuated with one child bringing in a gas mask and others making identity cards to add reality to the scene.
I can remember one baby laughing and really enjoying being put inside his gas mask.
LIFE-SAVER: Dr Elena Bodnar (top) straps a bra gas mask to Wolfgang Ketterle, himself a winner of a real Nobel Prize in Physics eight years ago.