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A stovelike apparatus containing a chamber for heating, melting, or fusing.


A stovelike apparatus containing a chamber for heating, melting, or fusing dental materials.


n an apparatus in which to generate heat.
furnace, inlay,
n a furnace used for eliminating the wax from an inlay mold and establishing the proper condition and temperature of the investment to receive the molten casting gold.
furnace, porcelain,
n a furnace used for fusing, firing, or fusion.
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Unveiled in the fall of 2011, the initial launch of the Infinity gas furnace line included 60,000 and 80,000 Btuh models in the 3.
Carrier's investment has also resulted in the quietest gas furnace Carrier has ever built.
Here's how the savings* may add up for a customer installing a new ENERGY STAR rated gas furnace with an AFUE rating of 96%:
The settlement will make payments to people who had a secondary heat exchanger failure and offer an enhanced 20-year warranty on their high- efficiency gas furnaces.
Provides rebates to residential customers on the purchase of high-efficiency natural-gas water heaters ($25), gas furnaces carrying the Energy Star(R) label ($150), compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs ($3), and CFL light fixtures ($10).
Tenders are invited for Provide & Install One (1) New 300,000 BTU Gas Furnace at WWTP #2
The CCHP and natural gas furnace results from each data set are presented in Table 3.
If the flue is sized for the wood stove and the gas furnace is vented into the same flue, there will be times that the flue does not carry all the exhaust away as needed.
Even if you install a new gas furnace or heat pump, your energy bills may be very expensive until the air envelope, window type, and insulation of the home are upgraded to typical modern home standards or better.
The least expensive way to heat a home in 2007 is with a high-efficiency (94 percent) natural gas furnace, according to an AGA analysis of DOE's cost projections.
We could have used a gas furnace to keep up with increasing production, but, unlike induction, which is virtually silent and only heats the metal, a gas furnace would have generated a lot of heat and noise.
THE boss of the plastics factory where nine people were killed in an explosion yesterday admitted it had a gas furnace made out of an old dustbin lorry.