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Allium sativum (family Liliaceae), its bulb contains up to 0.9% of volatile irritating oil with antiseptic action; has been used as a diaphoretic, diuretic, and expectorant.
Synonym(s): garlic


/gar·lic/ (gahr´lik) the flowering plant Allium sativum, or its bulbous stem base, which contains the antibacterial allicin; preparations of the bulbs are used for hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and arteriosclerosis; also used in folk medicine.


an herbal product taken from a perennial bulb grown throughout the world.
uses It is used for vascular disease, elevated LDL, elevated triglycerides, low HDL, high blood pressure, poor circulation, risk of cancer, inflammatory disorders, childhood ear infection, and yeast infection. The allicin of fresh garlic may cause a small decrease in LDL cholesterol and slight decrease in blood pressure and may have some antibacterial properties, but garlic is not nearly as effective as prescribed drugs for these purposes. Its influence on cancer risk and efficacy for other uses has not been adequately documented. Allicin is very labile, and there is concern that many commercial products contain less than the advertised amount of allicin.
contraindications In normal amounts, garlic is likely safe during pregnancy and for children. Garlic should not be used in large amounts during pregnancy, because it may be fatal to the fetus or stimulate labor. Large amounts also should not be given to children directly or via breast milk because it may cause colic in infants or be fatal to children through uncharacterized mechanisms. It is contraindicated in those with known hypersensitivity, stomach inflammation, or gastritis. People who have had or are about to have surgery should also avoid it, since clotting time may be increased.
A culinary and medicinal perennial plant that contains amino acids and volatile oils (e.g., allicin and vitamins A, B and C) and owes its aroma to the high content of selenium, which is eliminated through the lungs and skin as dimethyl selenide
Chinese medicine Chinese chive, da suan Garlic is used in traditional Chinese medicine as an antimicrobial and general tonic, and for colds, cough, diarrhoea, gastrontestinal complaints, parasites, rheumatic disease, shellfish poisoning, tuberculosis, tumours and vaginitis, as well as to increase internal secretions, and topically for athlete’s foot, fungal and parasitic infections. See Chinese herbal medicine
Herbal medicine In Western herbal medicine, garlic is used internally for atherosclerosis, colds, coughs, flu, gastrointestinal complaints, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, liver and gallbladder disease and as an anthelmintic; as with Chinese herbal medicine, it is used topically for athlete’s foot, fungal and parasitic infections and as a rubefacient. See Herbal medicine


A herbal product promoted for treatment of vascular disease, dyslipidemias, and hypertension.


n Latin name:
Allium sativum; part used: roots (bulbs); uses: anti-lipidemic, antimicrobial, antiasthmatic, antiinflammatory, antioxidant, antiplatelet, antidiabetic, and potential anticancer; precautions: patients with hyperthyroidism, gastritis; those taking anticoagulants, insulin, antidiabetics, or acidophilus. Also called
ail, allium, camphor of the poor, da-suan, knoblaunch, la-suan, nectar of the gods, poor-man's treacle, rustic treacle, or
stinking rose.
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Patient discussion about garlic

Q. Is garlic helpful in heart ailments? I have heard that garlic is very good for cardiac health and using in curries or cooked with foods will be helpful. I have also heard that it has anti-inflammatory substances and also helps in weight loss. Is garlic helpful in heart ailments?

A. It acts as antioxidant and reduces the amount of free radicals in your body. It’s helpful once taken raw. But the raw garlic can cause bad breadth and blistering of skin and diarrhea. So, there should be a reduced intake of raw garlic. It’s better to have garlic in a cooked up form like in curries or with vegetables. This will also give the desired benefits of garlic and the side effect of over consumption of garlic will also be reduced.

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The leaves can be used in salads and soups, dried and flaked, for pesto or lacto-fermented; the bulbs and roots pickled, powdered or used fresh; and the flower buds, flowers, immature and mature seeds all add a garlicky kick to a range of dishes.
The Really Garlicky Co is promoting the home-grown porcelain hardneck variety, a close relative of wild garlic, which features large juicy cloves, easy-to-peel skin and a sweet, smooth flavour.
The salad was crunchy and fresh with croutons and a tasty dressing that wasn't too garlicky.
When it comes to garlic bread and garlic mushrooms, the more garlicky the better.
This telling is taken from the classic unsanitized version of the tale, the one where the first two pigs are eaten and the wolf prevails--that is, until the end of the story when his improvidence and gluttony drive him to plunge down the chimney of the third pig's brick house and he becomes not merely scalded, but the main ingredient of a garlicky wolf-stew.
Some of the dishes include Creamy Pumpkin Chestnut Soup (non-dairy); Apple, Fennel, and Walnut Soup; Wild Mushroom Stew with Panfried Tofu; Warm Dandelion Salad with Spicy Tempeh and Sage Vinaigrette; Potato, Beet, and Belgian Salad with Toasted Hazelnuts; Caramelized Fennel; Teriyaki-Style Burdock and Carrots; Garlicky Braised Greens with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds; Five-Grain Croquettes with Carrot Glaze with Thyme; Tempeh and Vegetables Braised in a Spicy Lemon-Coconut Broth, plus much more.
Juicy pizza topped with lashings of mushrooms and very garlicky.
Garlicky chow also produced a dose-dependent reduction of 55 to 69 percent in mammary adducts associated with another nitrosamine.
Eight finalists will be selected to prepare their garlicky dishes for a panel of five celebrity judges at the 25th Anniversary Gilroy Garlic Festival, held July 25, 26, and 27, 2003 in Gilroy, California.
Pair it with prime rib, garlicky leg of lamb or a medley of grilled sausages.
I love the long, elegant emerald green leaves with a delightful mild garlicky flavour, perfect for soups and sauces, and also magnificent wilted in a little butter either with some spinach or on its own, and tucked alongside some grilled fish, or perhaps even a nice juicily rare rib-eye steak.
Most salamis are used as anti-pasta: feted by celebrity chefs for their subtle garlicky aromas they hang appealingly from the ceilings of delicatessens, or, at the very least are housed+-in dell counters.