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gargles, alcohol- or water-based solutions that are used to treat throat conditions. Typical uses are as demulcents or astringents.
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Eventually, I came up with a pretty potent and effective throat gargle recipe I would take with me on business trips,” says Juliet A.
According to independent laboratory, Food Safety Net Services, “The antimicrobial action of Gargle Away's formula reduced the S.
Gargle Away's formula combines triple-action bacteria control, triple-action soothing ingredients and apple cider vinegar to neutralize the pH balance to support normal throat health.
New Salt Water Gargle expands Chloraseptic line to address the early stages of throat discomfort
NYSE:PBH), a consumer products company with a diversified portfolio of well-recognized brands, and producer of Chloraseptic(R), the most trusted name in sore throat relief, today announced the next evolution in the fight against throat discomforts - Chloraseptic Salt Water Gargle.
So like any good Dublin girl I turned to the gargle.
He is now planning a larger trial involving more snorers, giving some of them the herbal gargle and others a dummy product.
Now Mirror readers can test some new products by trying a mouthwash or gargle (which appear and taste identical) for free.