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gargles, alcohol- or water-based solutions that are used to treat throat conditions. Typical uses are as demulcents or astringents.
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Based on the age-old home remedy of gargling with warm salt water to heal sore throats, Gargle Away was invented by President Juliet A.
You can boost the effectiveness of any of these gargles with some essential oils.
Mike Fink, Senior VP of Marketing, said, "We've known for some time that many consumers rely on salt water gargles at the first sign of throat discomfort.
I mean they're professional footballers and it's their nature to love girls and enjoy a good gargle - but every now and then their multi-million pound careers stop them from over-indulging.
With a wind-up dial that makes him swim around the bath, he warbles the Beautiful Blue Danube when swimming on his back and gargles the tune when on his front.
My mind is starting to shout 'halt' halfway through every quest for fitness, while my stomach gargles and grumbles with every coffee break.
Most sore throats are viral and your body's immune system will fight it off - but you may need lozenges, gargles or throat sprays to help you through.
Mouthwashes, sprays and gargles containing blended extracts of natural oils and vitamins appear to be successful, improving muscle tone in the throat.
Mouthwashes and gargles are proving remarkably successful in dulling noisy breathing vibrations when you are asleep.