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A site where solid non-hazardous municipal waste is disposed
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After seeing the kids we then go to prisons, refugee camps and garbage dumps to spend time with other people," he said.
Tiffs political control was especially rigid at garbage dumps, where pepenadores worked almost like serfs.
For most families in the city-slums around garbage dumps, digging for buried treasure has become a thriving business and a permanent way of life.
There is no government control on industrial pollution in Lebanon and all over the country factories are belching their fumes into air which is already badly polluted from hundreds of garbage dump fires, scores of private generators running all day because mains electricity is rarely available and broken down European cars that have, over the years, increasingly found their way onto the Lebanese second hand car market.
Whitman said the firebrick is basically being recovered from a garbage dump.
NNA - Connecting with Beqaa leaders over a permanent garbage dump need not be implemented by force, minister of Agriculture Akram Chehayeb, informed tomorrow's edition of al-Liwa daily newspaper.
Contract award: Providing of acquisition of a garbage dump vehicle small volume.
Garbage dump outside Bishkek reaches 10 meters in height and has over 6 million tons of waste.
funded waste separation plant in Ain Baal, east of the southern city of Tyre, is set to fully operate in February to replace a hazardous and unregulated garbage dump that civilians threatened to close down last week by force.
RESIDENTS of south Delhi's Chittaranjan Park are crying themselves hoarse over a garbage dump yard and trying hard to stem the rot -- quite literally.
Summary: AL AIN u The Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre in Al Ain has ordered a private firm that is responsible for collecting waste from the south sector of the Western Region to clear the illegal garbage dump in Nima area by today.
The Valley, home to the largest urban garbage dump in America.