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A program that condenses ‘dead’ storage space from deleted files on a hard drive, allowing storage despite ‘insufficient memory’ messages
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The course offered by TESDA is an insult to slum dwellers and garbage collectors, They have been working in sanitary landfills because the government cannot offer them jobs," said Badion, adding, "Those who are picking up garbage in sanitary landfills cannot afford to undergo skills training for the purpose of securing certification as garbage collectors.
Mohammad Al-Mazroki, head of the Cleaning Workers Union, says that the work of garbage collectors doubles the workload of street cleaners.
It is felt that adequate and urgent steps need be taken to ensure that the garbage collectors are able to work in a safe manner.
I personally used to observe this phenomenon at the Budaiya Roundabout high street on Friday mornings before the garbage collectors arrived around 8am many years ago.
Egypt produces about 14,000 tonnes of rubbish on a daily basis, 8,000 tonnes of which the garbage collectors remove.
Among the respondents, garbage collectors and town cleaners showed a higher seroprevalence which were 27.
Garbage collectors report vast quantities of bread are thrown away, as the public prefers to buy fresh bread rather than eat day-old bread when fresh bread has been so cheap.
31, 2011 (TAP) - Police and garbage collectors are appearing on the streets of Cairo and subway stations are reopening after soldiers and neighborhood watch groups armed with clubs and machetes kept the peace in many districts overnight.
With Greece's economy in desperate trouble, some Greeks are being forced to scour rubbish bins to find items to sell in the weekly market, which is run by the Garbage Collectors Association.
Road blocks at the country's largest oil port in Marseille were bulldozed by authorities on Tuesday and rotting piles of trash are expected to be cleared soon, with garbage collectors agreeing to return to work.
The city's garbage collectors were scheduled to pick up the trash shortly after the trash scavenger, a man in his 30s, was searching in it.
Opinion polls show increasing opposition to the taxes and cutbacks, and unions from taxi drivers to garbage collectors have stepped up protests over the past weeks.