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He, however, said the WSSP hadn't disposed of garbage for the last five days due to the resistance of the residents of Bahadur Kalay.
Umar Nasir, a resident of Sector G-10, also expressed similar views saying life has become miserable due to the garbage scattered everywhere in the sector and standing water in nullahs.
Amir Ali, a resident of the sector I/10 told this scribe the citizens were suffering from various respiratory diseases due to the garbage heaps .
Paranaque is now full of stinking garbage and politics
By reviewing the receipts issued to the garbage dumpers at the landfill sites the board knew from which areas the garbage was not coming in.
The mountains of garbage collapsed on the houses and many families were still inside these residences," Fatima Belchior, a national disaster official, told Lusa.
She said Districts 1 and 3 produce the highest volume of garbage on a daily basis.
Residents of Barangay Poblacion had earlier signed a petition opposing the garbage staging area, which is near residential houses, business establishments and schools, adding that it could affect water sources in the area.
At least 40 garbage skips/containers will be distributed in the first phase.
On Tuesday, Governor Mike Sonko said that the garbage containers had already been procured and the process of distribution would soon start where the first phase would see 40 such containers dispersed with youth groups in the county taking charge of the garbage bins at the ward and estate levels.
Disturbed by the looming garbage before them, Sumaira Abdul Ali, a conservationist, has made a fervent appeal to Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.