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AbHV, the causative agent of abalone viral ganglioneuritis, is considered to be a relatively fragile virus classified within the category A group of viruses by DAFF (2008).
Definitive diagnosis of PDD requires demonstration of lymphoplasmacytic ganglioneuritis in the intestinal tract.
Histopathologic examination of bird 1 identified typical lesions of PDD with a moderate multifocal encephalitis (Fig 1) and mild myocarditis, adrenalitis, and ganglioneuritis of the intestine.
Final report: costs -benefit analysis of implementing alternative techniques for rehabilitating reefs severely depleted by the abalone viral ganglioneuritis epidemic.
The abalone fishery in Australia has also declined throughout the past few years, but, in this case, the decline was associated with the outbreak of a disease, abalone ganglioneuritis, which caused mass mortalities in Victoria (Mayfield et al.
Lymphoplasmacytic myenteric, subepicardial, and pulmonary ganglioneuritis in four nonpsittacine birds.
Impaction of the cloaca can result from a variety of causes, including failure to pass an egg, intrinsic disease of the cloacal wall, loss of muscle tone due to viral-induced ganglioneuritis (eg, PDD), (1) and a cloacolith.
Brain tissue from a yearling steer with an encephalomyelitis and ganglioneuritis of unknown origin was analyzed by using viral metagenomics, which showed a divergent astrovirus distantly related to an ovine astrovirus.
Following the 2005-2006 outbreak of abalone viral ganglioneuritis (AVG) in both farmed (Hooper et al.
The disease is characterized by nonsuppurative ganglioneuritis of the vegetative nerve plexuses of the crop, proventriculus, gizzard, and duodenum.
htm), in association with necrotizing ganglioneuritis (online Appendix Figure 4, panel B), and in myocytes in the lamina muscularis mucosae of the colon, without associated histologic lesions.
The most remarkable changes were perivascular cuffing around Meissner and Auerbach ganglia in the muscle layer of stomach (Figure 1, panel B), ganglioneuritis in the trigeminal ganglion, and nonsuppurative encephalomyelitis (Figure 1, panel C).