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, ganja (gang'gă),
An extract of the flowers of Cannabis sativa (Indian hemp or hashish) that grows in India, Persia, and Arabia.
See also: cannabis.
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2016, the National Ganga River Basin Authority (NGRBA) has been dissolved.
Speaking at the ANI-organised India Infracon 2018 conclave, Gadkari said that not just the River Ganga, but also its tributaries and nullahs will be cleaned by next year.
His love for the Ganga found a reflection in papers, when the NDA government created a separate ministry headed by sanyasin Uma Bharti to rejuvenate the river.
This was the first occasion when Ganga Aarti was organised by anybody in Hazaribagh.
Government recently launched the ' Namami Gange' programme on the banks of the Ganga in Uttrakhand when 250 projects worth Rs 1,500 crore were launched simultaneously under the ' Namami Gange' project.
The main question is how are you going to protect the river Ganga from Haridwar to Kanpur?
Pivoted around the lives of Ganga, Krishnan and Balan, Kammattipaadam reveals the exploitation of young Dalit men by real estate businessmen who ultimately usurp the land of the Dalits to build modern structures.
It is being implemented through state project monitoring groups (SPMGs) in the five major states the Ganga flows through: Uttarakhand, UP, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal.
Meanwhile, volunteers of the Ganga Bachao Andolan (Save Ganga Movement) led by Ramji Tripathi began a sitin to protest dumping of the dead in the Ganga, which they said, was polluting the river.
Nothing has the government done in the last three years since Prime Minister Manmohan Singh constituted National Ganga River Basin Authority (NGBRA) to reverse the death process.
One is on the National Ganga River Basin Authority which is a billion dollar project from the World Bank and the second one is the Biodiversity and Livelihood Project, which is about a 30 million dollar project over the next six years.
21 April 2010 - Indian credit rating agency CRISIL raised yesterday to B- with a "stable" outlook from D the rating on the long-term bank facilities of local seeds company Kanchan Ganga Seed Co Pvt Ltd.