gamma globulins

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gam·ma glob·u·lins

(gamă globyū-linz)
A class of proteins the most significant of which are immunoglobulins; a serum is made from these immunoglobulins that may be administered to boost a patient's immunity to disease.

gamma globulins, plasma proteins that are essential antibodies that circulate in the immune system. The most significant gamma globulins are antibodies or immunoglobulins. See also immunoglobulins.
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Based on calculations of TP and the albumin fraction obtained by the biuret method and the BCG method, respectively, 5 protein fractions were identified in the electrophoretogram: prealbumin, albumin, alpha globulin, beta globulin, and gamma globulin (Fig 2).
Finally, the longer incubation period of the wife of the index case-patient might be associated with administration of hyperimmune gamma globulin against CCHFV.
Mach One's innovative business model is based on multiple applications for delivery of gamma globulins, the precursor materials that are derived from our manufacturing activity for the beef and dairy industry.
Alpha globulins, and to lesser extent gamma globulins, also rise with similar results.
Serum protein electrophoresis showed a peak in the gamma region with total gamma globulins of 10.