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Triploid lion-paw scallop (Nodipecten subnodosus Sowerby); growth, gametogenesis, and gametic cell frequencies when grown at a high food availability site.
This depth of coverage helped us decipher the gametic phase of complex haplotypes.
Internal gametic association has also been reported in Hemitripterus villosus (Shaggy Sea Raven).
Each of the four gametic frequencies is naturally constrained to the interval [0, 1], as are the allele frequencies.
Haplobiontic, Diploid: gametophyte only, but the gametophyte is diploid and meiosis is gametic (e.
That this fragile package when united with its gametic counterpart could survive a rigorous meiotic and gestational journey was, well, compelling.
In studies with Chiamydomonas eugametos and Chiamydomonas moewusii, Lewin (1956) found that production and maintenance of gametes in the light required the presence of oxygen, and that gametic activity is lost more rapidly in the dark under anaerobic conditions than in the presence of oxygen.
Palopoli and Wu 1996), but appear to be less important than gametic survivorship and fertilization.
At this stage, connective tissue and some residual gametes following gametic release could be found in the gonads (Fig.
Gametic embryogenesis and haploid technology as valuable support to plant breeding.
those that cause a change in the amino acid sequence) in the bindin gene correlates with gametic incompatibility.