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A contest, physical or mental, conducted according to set rules, played for amusement or for a stake.
[M.E. fr. O.E. gamen]


broad-breasted, brightly colored breed of table poultry used widely in breeding hybrid table poultry.


birds or animals hunted and killed in the chase, i.e. for sport. Used also in respect of animals hunted for provisions and skins. Said of animals and birds, hence game birds, etc.

game animals
includes deer and other similar large ruminants, wild pig and the group of largely African animals classed as 'big game'. Game fish are marlin, tuna and other big marine fish rather than the smaller freshwater fish of rod and reel devotees.
game birds
birds originally hunted but nowadays also farmed. Includes pheasants, quail, partridge, francolin, jungle fowl, guinea fowl.
game farm
farm dedicated to keeping game animals, usually exotic ones, in the wild in conditions as nearly natural as possible. In most instances they are a hobby or for relaxation and entertainment. They are really private zoos or zoological gardens.
game fish
fish hunted for sport.
game meat
meat from slaughtered game animals.
game ranch
see game farm (above).

Patient discussion about game

Q. Can you tell me more about Brain games? There are many new brain games now advertised by Nintendo and others. Are they doing anything to delay Alzheimer’s

A. Interesting comment. I'll check the link.

Q. I did a bad movement with my knee during a ball game. How can I know if I damaged the knee ligaments? 4 hours ago I played basketball. I did a great jump but when I landed I felt a very sharp knee pain? How can I know if I damaged the ligaments there?

A. The only way to know for sure is to check! Can estimate the severity of the problem. Is your knee red? Is it hot? Is it swollen? Does the pain have the same severity or does the pain increase with time? If you answered one of those questions with a 'yes' several hours after the injury, you should probably talk to your GP

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