gallstone ileus

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gall·stone il·e·us

obstruction of the small intestine produced by passage of a gallstone from the biliary tract (usually the gallbladder as a result of cholecystitis) into the intestinal tract (usually by means of a fistulous connection between the gallbladder and the small intestine); occurrence and site of obstruction depend on size of the stone, but the usual location is at or near the ileocecal junction.

gallstone ileus

An obstruction of the small bowel, occurring typically but not exclusively in elderly female patients and caused by the trapping of a large gallstone at or near the ileocecal valve. Most gallstones responsible for ileus are greater than 2.5 cm in diameter.
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Gallstone ileus

Obstruction of the large intestine caused by a gallstone that has blocked the intestinal opening.
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A case of gallstone ileus with spontaneous evacuation.
Bouveret syndrome is considered a distinct clinical entity from gallstone ileus due to the proximal site of the obstructing stone.
18) However, up to 50% of abdominal radiographs may contain two of the classic three signs which would increase the index of suspicion for a gallstone ileus significantly.
This increases the utility of the ultrasound since pneumobilia, unlike ectopic gallstones, has very few causes aside from gallstone ileus once prior biliary surgery has been ruled out.
15) The visualization of a gallstone on gastroscopy appears to be the only significant differentiating factor between the gastric outlet obstruction of Bouveret syndrome and the jejunoileal obstruction of the classic gallstone ileus.
The classic radiographic signs of gallstone ileus, described in 1941 by Rigler et al, are pneumobilia, mechanical small-bowel obstruction, and the presence of a new stone or changed position of a previously identified stone (2).
The characteristic findings of gallstone ileus (Rigler's triad) are easily identified on CT (2), and these findings are all present in the current case.
The best surgical procedure for patients with gallstone ileus has been debated.