gallows humor

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gallows humor,

n a dark or morbid sense of humor unique to people who deal with suffering and tragedy—for example, patients who are terminally ill joking about their illness or death as a means of coping with the illness.
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Pathare combined gallows humor with an astronomical twist speculating about a crash.
Homicide cops can crack wise while standing over a dead body, and that's acceptable - we know that cops have a gallows humor,'' he points out.
Lopez extrapolates from the illogical, lobs in some gallows humor, and creates new absurdities.
gallows humor is designed precisely to uncover the naked truth, however painful that flaying may be.
A key to the trickster element of the tale smiles out from the rattlesnake's laughing fanged expression: Comic relief and gallows humor combine effortlessly.
It is Havel's way of proclaiming his oneness with the audience, fellow pretenders who, within the confines of the theater of the absurd, can participate in the gallows humor of The Beggar's Opera.
With an odd blend of cool compassion and gallows humor, Plays Well With Others depicts the '80s as a decade marked by the gay community's great artistic expression and enormous loss.
Project Titanic" nicknames: "Another form of gallows humor, but usually a more serious indication that the project team has lost faith, lost respect, and lost any real interest in whether the project will succeed.
But all 20th-century ambiguity and gallows humor aside, I must confess I've come around to relics.
Although at first glance The Cat Inside looks like a cute little book about kitties, closer inspection will find Burroughs's celebrated irony, gallows humor, apocalyptic fears, brutal lyricism, and mythological interests.
Commonly referred to as gallows humor, it is used by groups in dire circumstances to help them endure their fate by looking it in the eye and laughing at it.
Eli Roth's teen gorefest, hailed by The New York Times as an "unusually potent blend of dread, gore and gallows humor.