gall bladder

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(gawl'blad-ĕr), [TA]
A pear-shaped organ on the inferior surface of the liver, in a hollow between the right lobe and the quadrate lobe; it serves as a storage reservoir for bile.

gall bladder

The small, fig-shaped bag, lying on the under side of the liver, into which bile secreted by the liver passes to be stored and concentrated. When fatty food enters the beginning of the small intestine (the DUODENUM), the gall bladder empties into it, by way of the common bile duct.

gall bladder

a bag-like reservoir (of about 50 cm3 capacity in man) that lies at the edge of the liver closest to the gut and whose function is to store bile produced by the liver. The contents of the gall bladder are squirted into a gut lumen under the influence of the hormone CHOLECYSTOKININ. See BILE and Fig. 64 .

gall bladder,

n a small pouchlike organ located beneath the liver; re-sponsible for storing bile and secreting it into the small intestine (duodenum).

Patient discussion about gall bladder

Q. how people deal with after gallbladder removal


Q. What arethe pros and cons of removingmy gallbladder due to gallstones

A. Pro - solves the problem (gallstones usually don't form in the absence of gall bladder

Cons - operation, with its complications: anesthesia, incision, hernia in the incision, infection etc.
Usually there are no chronic consequences for the absence of gallbladder.

However, this is only general advice - if you have any questions regarding this subject, you should consult a doctor (e.g. general surgeon).

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Q. What is involved in Gall Bladder surgery?

A. If you refer to removal of the gal bladder due to stones, then it may be performed either in an open approach (using an arch-like incision in your right upper abdomen) or in a laparoscopic approach (using only three small incisions to insert devices into your abdomen). The operation itself is not long and not associated with significant problems after it.

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Extension of the port site incision in order to extract the gall bladder intact is a good choice short of risking spillage of gallstones when trying to force the gall bladder through an undersized port site [2, 10].
Meltham woman Audrey Turner, 73, died on August 9 last year at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, after an operation to remove her gall bladder.
And I haven't had gall bladder problems since starting the diet.
A total of 22, 579 women aged 50 to 79 took part in the gall bladder trial.
Surgeons at the hospital had removed the gall bladder during an operation on February 18, but during the operation a hole in the organ wall allowed bile to leak and further surgery was needed.
Through the agreement, So pled guilty to two counts of illegally purchasing black bear gall bladders and one count of illegally purchasing white-tailed deer antlers in velvet.
Gall bladder removal: pounds 4, 500 to pounds 6,500
She was diagnosed as having an inflamed gall bladder which was found to contain two gallstones.
I am also a yo-yo dieter and I suffer from gall bladder problems and arthritis, so why can't the slimming clubs and gyms have reduced prices for people like myself?
Craig Newbury had to have his gall bladder removed and his girlfriend Tracey Johnson was left with nerve damage to one hand after the stabbings, last October.
AOPERATIONS to remove your gall bladder are usually performed to relieve pain as a result of gallstones or inflammation of the gall bladder itself, a small organ which helps you digest fat.
Surgeons in New York controlled a robot in Strasbourg, France, which removed a woman's gall bladder.