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(gā-lĕn′ĭ-kəl, gə-)
A medicinal preparation composed mainly of herbal or vegetable matter.

ga·len′i·cal adj.


Claudius, Greek physician and medical scientist in Rome, c. 130-201 A.D.
Galen anastomosis - Synonym(s): Galen nerve
Galen bandage
Galen dressing
Galen foramen
Galen nerve - communicating branch of superior laryngeal nerve with recurrent laryngeal nerve. Synonym(s): Galen anastomosis
Galen ventricle
galenical - referring to medicine prepared from plants rather than chemicals.
great cerebral vein of Galen - a large, unpaired vein formed by the junction of the two internal cerebral veins. Synonym(s): great vein of Galen
great vein of Galen - Synonym(s): great cerebral vein of Galen
veins of Galen - Synonym(s): internal cerebral veins
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In addition, Speedel is a leader in the area of renin inhibitors and through its research unit Speedel Experimenta AG, which encompasses medicinal chemistry as well as preclinical pharmacology and galenical formulations, generates novel drug candidates.
Tumour bearing mice received 50 mg/kg/day apigenin in three different galenical formulations during 12 days in 8-hourly intervals.
Two other galenical preparations were tested: Preparation B: crystalline apigenin was diluted in 0.
Another patent is also being granted to Theratechnologies for the long-acting galenical formulation designed for the delivery of ThGRF 1-29.
Polysaccharides like panaxan A, aconitan A and ganoderan B and C that exhibited hypoglycemic effects were found in Japan from galenicals such as Panax ginseng, Aconitum carmichaeli, Ganoderma lucidum (Takahashi et al.
The company in India would be known as "Medikon Galenicals Pvt Ltd" while the Ireland JV would be christened "CEM Pharma Life Sciences Ltd", MLL informed the stock exchange here.