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There is a clear trend that galactosidase activity increases due to sonification, improving the viability of probiotics.
Solomons et al(6) demonstrated that gastrointestinal symptoms improved in a dose-dependent fashion with 196, 391, and 737 galactosidase units of enzymatic activity.
380 promoter::lacZ vector can be injected into Drosophila embryos, and tissue specific expression of this construct can be detected by staining tissues with the [beta] galactosidase chromogenic substrate, X Gal.
T] Strains 3302398 and 4401054 were indole positive and bile resistant, and they had positive enzyme reactions for N-acetyl-[beta]-glucosaminidase, [alpha] galactosidase, and [beta]-galactosidase, as described for A.
The investigators identified and sequenced seven different genes that code for the galactose-removing enzyme--beta galactosidase.
They are interested in techniques which allow the splitting of lactose by means of galactosidase into two other sugars: glucose and galactose.
NYSE AMEX: IBIO) today announced the engagement of CBR International Corporation (CBR) for strategic regulatory and clinical services to advance iBio's Orphan Drug designated, plant-produced human alpha galactosidase A ("-Gal A") enzyme candidate for development as a therapeutic option for patients with Fabry disease.
The investigators sequenced and removed seven genes for the galactose-removing enzyme beta galactosidase.
NYSE AMEX:IBIO) today announced it has acquired Orphan Drug Designation for plant-produced human alpha galactosidase A ("-Gal A") and related property rights from an affiliate of Kentucky Bioprocessing LLC ("KBP") and has initiated a program, based on its iBioLaunch[TM] platform, to develop an improved version of the enzyme for therapy of Fabry disease.