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Patient discussion about GAGs

Q. Does GAG really help? My mother suffers from osteoarthritis, and after taking a lot of pain-killers someone offered us to try glycosaminoglycans. Does it really help? It’s quite expensive….

A. As far as I know it wasn’t proved in well-controlled trials to benefit the patients over placebo, so if it’s a consideration for you, I’m not sure it justifies the price. However, I’m only a lay-man, so consulting a professional (i.e. a doctor) is better.

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When the water is clear, gags will come a long way to crash a bait, and have even been known to hit surface lures in 60 or 70 feet of water.
Our study showed that all GAG components other than heparan sulfate were affected in the early stages of essential hypertension.
Producing gags in Singapore has proved a real challenge, considering the city-state's seemingly reserved, stern and shy nature, where it's impossible to even walk in public streets and chew gum at the same time.
There's a reason the show appears in Adult Swim - its highest and lowest gags are decidedly not for kids.
Fall run gags often show up on structures along the beach and inside the estuaries.
Fortunately, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission voted not to adopt the Gulf closure, so we may still keep gags caught in state waters, following the existing February-March closure approved in 2009 (as a curious footnote, commercial grouper fishers were permitted to fish through that closure, as well).
Rachel Butler, from Asda, said: "We're looking for a very special gag writer.
HIV was largely unable to replicate within cells expressing the mutant Gag protein, the researchers report in the Oct.
How did we go from the elaborately designed visual gags of silent-era masters Charles Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd to a slapstick repertoire that's limited to kicks in the crotch and Hilary Duff pratfalls?
A running gag has Sinbad playing the fashion-challenged schoolteacher nemesis of Dexter, while Shaquille O'Neal, not looking particularly thrilled, plays himself in a brief cameo.
But when Jones, stung at music critics' dismissal of his band's musical abilities, decided to end the gags and play regular dance music, the drummer lost interest.
Legislation approved by California lawmakers would bar automakers from imposing gag rules in agreements to repurchase cars or trucks that are deemed defective under the state's lemon law.