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Variant spelling of gauge.


, gage (gaj)
1. A device for measuring the size, capacity, amount, or power of an object or substance.
2. A standard of measurement, e.g., of the diameter of a wire.
3. To judge or estimate a condition.

Bourdon gauge

See: Bourdon gauge
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Control Gaging chose to expand in Ann Arbor because of the rich talent pool in the region.
Companies like Control Gaging know that being in Ann Arbor is a competitive advantage," said Paul Krutko, Ann Arbor SPARK president and CEO.
Air gaging--Offers a simple to use, maintenance-free answer to shopfloor bore gaging.
Features such as internal grooves, splines, threads and so on can be accommodated by companies that will manufacture measuring heads to enable the easy gaging of the trickiest of internal measuring problems.
In some cases, a long-running, steady process will minimize the need for process control or gaging.
One of the first parameters for selecting a particular gaging system is whether the application requires attribute- or variable-type part measurements.
Kurt developed an SPC/Gaging system that uses modular gaging for the foundation of all gages it manufactures.
This has been a tremendous aid to our customers who need to get a capable fixture gaging system on-line quickly for their production start-up.
The new NDT Systems unit is suited for both contact spot gaging and noncontact gaging in automated in-line process control applications.
The Kurt/ATI modular gaging system consists of standard, off-the-shelf components such as base plates, part supports, measuring forks, and measuring tips.
In grinding, where in-process gaging has been available for decades, less than a majority of machine purchasers today choose this option, probably a lot less.
Gaging systems also help you lengthen tool life, increase speeds and feeds, machine to closer tolerances, document quality, and satisfy customer demands.