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Variant spelling of gauge.


, gage (gaj)
1. A device for measuring the size, capacity, amount, or power of an object or substance.
2. A standard of measurement, e.g., of the diameter of a wire.
3. To judge or estimate a condition.

Bourdon gauge

See: Bourdon gauge
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Typical applications of optical-electric gaging systems include preprocess control of excessive stock, intermediate-process size control (for example, on centerless grinders), and postprocess checks for dimensional control or final inspection.
Optical-electric measurement technology is available in a number of gaging formats.
The third major modular gaging component is the X/Y coordinating table.
The final key component to the standard gage base is the mechanism that introduces the part to be measured into the gaging elements.
Cost can be one of the most profound advantages modular gaging has over hard dedicated gaging," insists Mr Stout.
There are some distinctions to be made between in-process gaging and the far broader field of post-process gaging.
In-process gaging does not really measure part size," notes Edmunds' Don Maurer.
In contrast, automatic post-process feedback gaging can measure part size (and control quality) free of the machine's influence.
In addition, now you can perform dual-circuit air gaging, or check multiple features simultaneously.
Like Schuetz and Gaughan, Walter Funke feels column gaging will continue to be useful.
Sometimes post-process gaging is combined with software offset to move the tool on a lathe by means of CNC.
Applications demanding reproducibility unaffected by the handling of different operators are best served by gaging machines, consisting of a base, slide mechanism, and gage head, coupled to electronics.